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Gottfried Semper Architectural Award
of the Saxon Academy of Arts

With the Gottfried Semper Architectural Award distinguished German architects or architect collectives are honoured. Of significant importance for the evaluation are aspects of architectural quality, the incorporation into urban planning, the connection to the surrounding landscape as well as space economisation, and climate- and resource-friendly construction. The award is bestowed every two years by the Saxon Academy of Arts with the Saxon State Foundation Nature and Environment (LaNU) and Vattenfall Europe Mining & Generation (benefactor) and includes prize money of 25,000 Euro.

Award winners

2007 Erich Schneider-Wessling
2009 Günter Pfeifer
2011 Frank Zimmermann
2013 Sauerbruch Hutton

Regarding the name Gottfried Semper Architectural Award

Gottfried Semper (1803 - 1879), one of the most important European architects, paved the way from 19th century historism into modernism. As ingenious designer of theatre buildings and monumental museums, as master builder experienced in all architectural forms and as comprehensively educated theoretician he shaped architectural history. Through his work in Dresden, Mainz, London, Vienna, Zurich and many other cities he left an oeuvre that greatly influenced generations of young architects.
With the namebearer of the award an internationally renowned architect is honoured. Nationally as well as internationally the award, named after Semper, receives great recognition and directs public interest to thusly awarded projects of sustainable construction with regards to resource-friendly environmental design.